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released May 27, 2010



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Triggertown Lincoln, Nebraska

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Track Name: Heaven and Hell
Nevermind the way that we end our days
there aint no heaven or hell when we die
get up off your knees son and face a brand new day
there aint no heaven or hell when we die

when you die, when you die, there aint no heaven or hell you die (no there aint!).
there is a little mountain shack in the back of my mind, and a banjo on the porch to pass the time

I remember when my old man would sing them old songs
as i lay there each night in my bed.
all the voices of the prophets swim through my mind
As i fade off to sleep this is what they said


My first love was an angel from above, a fever took her life one winter night
and as her final breaths drew near in the fading candle light, she held me close and whispered in my ear

And I too was there, i felt the weight of my life
I felt the edge, of the bright white light
one more step, but I woke up to find, i realized

that when you die...
Track Name: No Dick
Coming off the mountain just up off the hill
shining in the moonlight was this old whiskey still
and i've been breaking my back on a mountain of coal
just like a gift from the mountains, god bless this weary soul
So now i get up in the morning, do what the hell i please
I work under to moon and the wind in the trees
and there aint no dick watching over me
Just a hundred quarts of whiskey son to keep me company

But treat your momma well and stay clear of the gates of hell
Just take your time and time will surely tell, oh a life lived well

One dollar for a bottle but three gets you four
go home and get wasted send them kids back for more
i will leave them waiting under the back porch floorboards
you cant send them kids on a whiskey run then what the hell are they for

but grab one for your momma and keep one for yourself
cause once she gets a taste there aint no way to tell
where that old whiskey goes, it'll disappear like a ghost
just a word of warning friends to keep one hid for your own

Track Name: Drinkin' Hard
you been drinking, drinking hard
drinking like everyone I know who drinks to heal a scar
lying low friend, disappearing and then
rising up like a river after the storm

I first left town on an old freight train, rode them winds with the river cranes
and I never passed a bottle to a man that I could kill
Settled down on a back woods town, had me a girl but she fooled around
She drank all night and stuck me with the bill


Middle of the grass lives a bird and a bear, shes got no wings and hes got no hair
but they raised me up and taught me to be fair
After years on the road I came back home, was afraid to show my face anymore but they were way too old, a little to drunk to care


So many people buried on the hill
some of them folks walk around there still
when you place my bones, put em deep into the ground
walk me out so far from town, backtrack across the river so you wont be found and tip that bottle, pass it all around

Track Name: Home Before Dark
Try to live my life like an honest man
See folks for who they are and not for what they been

tried to make a living off the land
but the rain fell short of ground and my dreams filled up with sand

dont fade, fade away

cause an honest man dont lie, a living land wont die, theres too much blood buried in the ground

Ill try to make it home before dark
i got miles to go before i sleep and hours before i start
Track Name: 40 Acres and a Mule
40 acres and a mule
what am I gonna do
should be standing in new york town loving you
when this old house of tin comes crashing in and I standing here just looking like a fool

and in the middle of a war
i walked away
nothing short of gods own hand is how i am standing here today
but in war and farming it is all the same you got one foot in the mud and the other in a grave

i am as old as a rock
I am crooked as a tree
I go where the old wind blows loving who ever i please
and ill take a little bit of hurt some falling rain a touch of that old whiskey kills the pain

if I was a little bird
i would fly so high
i would let my form dissolve a trace of me you would never find
I ride the wreckage of the world on a fast track train to hell just a passing you by
Track Name: The Island
time runs wild and the seasons change
I stay at home and watch the day float away
nothing to do, not much to say
the sun does rise and fades away

i will sing you a song of my Norma-lea
i can see her now when we were young and free
we had our fun, it just wasnt meant to be
things to change, they stay the same

Norma-lea come to me
maybe we can find the strength for another start, just open your heart

if this were a movie; the actors change scenes
the camera fades and names roll on down the screen
folks empty out in the street, the music plays, the music rolls on, the music plays the music rolls on, the music rolls on